A Madunuccia in Ajaccio

This celebration is the one that is the most important in the heart of the true Ajaccian. It was born in 1656, when several regions of Italy were affected by the plague. This is the case of the city of Genoa; it was at this time that the Council of Elders decided to place Ajaccio under the protection of the miraculous virgin of Savona, Our Lady of Mercy. On November 16th of this year, the Maginifica Communità and the Council of Elders, gathered in the Salle del Publico Palazzo, proclaim the Virgin of Mercy patron saint of the city and make a perpetual commitment to celebrate on March 18th of each year. It is the wish of the “Magnificent Ancients”. They built a chapel of Our Lady of Mercy in Ajaccio Cathedral. Since then, the solemn ceremonies begin on the evening of 17 March with traditional prayers in front of the statue of Our Lady of Mercy located on the Place des Palmiers. On March 18, the municipal council went on a procession to the cathedral to attend the mass. In the afternoon, the procession goes around the town and the statue of our Lady of Mercy is followed by the crowd.


Last modified: 5 March 2018

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