About us

Walk'n'Tour Team

The soul of Corsica by Virginie, Paul or Petru

Just as our island has done, we have forged our identity out of our strong personalities.

The differences between us have their roots in our different backgrounds, our career paths bear witness to our motivations and our projects underline our aspirations.

Nevertheless, our goal is one and the same: to enhance the heritage of Corsica through our guided visits and tours, all respectful of its history, its environment and its inhabitants.

Travel-lovers ourselves, we like to discover and observe, to touch and to taste, to listen and to learn…. in one word to encounter.

To encounter and to share, that is what we have in common.

As professional guides, we accompany individuals and groups on visits and tours on all kinds of grounds: visits of a city, a museum, a historical monument, a coastal path, a hiking trail… and we are forever enlarging our network of partners. Just like us, they too are attached to the land, the countryside and the soul of Corsica. Be they producers or craftsmen, these local actors open their door to invite us inside.

With Walk’n’tour, you will not only visit Corsica, you will experience it.