Exhibition: Napoleon’s childhood


Virginie Ferrand Sereni

April 5th – July 7th, 2019, Ajaccio

The House, which now bears the name of his family, has become a national museum and was indeed the place where his family emerged. A noble family among the most prominent in the city, the Bonaparts could not dream of exceptional destinies by their very birth. It took the exceptional abilities of some of them, their sense of historical opportunity, their eye to gauge their contemporaries, their total confidence in education and training, their incredible workforce to get there.

Napoleon’s parents, the relatives who accompanied his youth, are already the actors of this ascent and the witnesses of this emergence.
Each portrait in this imaginary gallery of ancestors will be illuminated by a comic strip strip narrating episodes emblematic of the character’s life by Charles Cianfarani.
Then, on a turntable, 9 sketches from Napoleon’s childhood in Ajaccio will follow one another, created by Frédéric Pierrot with Playmobils.
Finally, silhouettes of Napoleon’s brothers and sisters will make it possible to identify and characterize them in relation to each other.
This exhibition is primarily intended for school children. More information on musees-nationaux-malmaison.fr 


Last modified: 17 April 2019

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